SystemLinks was created to act as a depository of information on the system linking (also referred to as a Local-Area-Network or LAN) and online capabilities of early video game consoles. It has since expanded to include information about other unique features of consoles such as the streaming capabilities of the Sega Channel or the unique neGcon controller for the original PlayStation. All of this information is provided as a wiki which can be edited and updated by anyone who registers for an account.

A blog is located at the home page to provide extra information about various topics that caught the attention of of the SystemLinks admin. There is also a connected forum to allow for easy communication between users.


If you have comments and suggestions or want to submit a bug report, below are various ways to contact SystemLinks adminstrators:


Below are links to excellent resources relating to various aspects of video games. In future, they will be better organized, so please excuse the mess for now.