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The Albino Jaguar

Albino Jaguar

Notice the nice “halo” effect due to the crappy camera.

I know this doesn’t really go along with what’s supposed to be the main focus of this website, system linking, but I just got what I consider to be a cool bit of gaming history today and thought I’d show it off.  I don’t know how well known this particular urban legend is, but apparently toward the end of the life of the Jaguar, Atari sold off the molds for the outer casing of its ill-fated console to Imagin Systems Corporation to use with, you guessed it, their latest intraoral dental camera, the HotRod!  Don’t believe it?  Check out this informational PDF about the HotRod which is still hosted on Imagin’s website as of the posting of this article (Update: The PDF has since been removed so the above link now takes you to a version hosted on the SystemLinks Wiki). If only you’d paid a bit more attention when those dental assistants were jamming instruments in your mouth in the late ’90s, you may just have noticed a white Jaguar hanging on the wall.  It apparently even went so far as to use a “memory cartridge” (for storing pictures, of course) which was the same shape and size as a Jaguar cartridge – albeit in white.

HotRod IntraOral Dental Camera

The Jaguar lives on!

Unfortunately, Imagin doesn’t seem to support or sell the HotRod anymore, but all hope is not lost if you were hoping to get your hands on a white Jaguar shell.  I ordered one from this seller on eBay who seems to have been selling them for several months and seems to have many more left in stock.  When I contacted him, I was told that these were brand new cases and weren’t used in actual cameras, which makes sense since they don’t have “HotRod” printed on them anywhere.  Also, I assume because of all the extra stuff sticking out of the bottom of the HotRod camera, no “back” piece is included (only top and bottom) but the seller does include a clear power indicator and button to match the white console (as pictured).  In any case, it’s a nice bit of gaming history to have, especially if you do ever end up putting actual Jaguar “guts” into it.  After all, how many other chances will you get to have a custom console shell based on a dental camera, itself based on the original console?


I created this site in part because I had such a hard time finding information about system links, especially for some of the older systems which only featured a handful or so of games which could make use of the feature.  Long distance, internet play is great, and I hope to expand upon the information given on this site to include some of the earlier online console networks, but when it comes down to it, nothing can really beat the feeling of playing next to your buddy in the same room.  Of course, there are many multiplayer options which don’t require multiple TVs and consoles and copies of the game, but there’s something very pleasing about gaming sans-split screen.  Gaming with others is a whole different experience, especially with monitors and cords all over the place and a hefty sum of money invested in the setup, let alone the electricity bill.  This website is dedicated to that style of play:  LAN and system links.