Monthly Archives: May 2013

One Year Anniversary: Website Updates

It’s been over a year since I first decided to start up this little blog, so to celebrate, I’ve decided to remove all the console pages and make the site look the worst it ever has in that entire one year period! In all seriousness, you can probably tell that I have moved from Blogger to my own hosted WordPress, and I hope to soon have many more features than Blogger would have ever allowed me. The reason the pages aren’t up yet is because I’m planning on instead hosting them on a Wiki attached to the site (which will hopefully someday be better integrated into the actual blog) so that there can be easier citing and contribution from others. Obviously, I still have to work out most of the details regarding the move, but I’m really excited about the possibilities. Until that time, however, I thank you for bearing with the mess. It wasn’t the ideal situation I’d have hoped for in celebrating over 365 days being alive as a site, but it’s definitely worth it for what is to come. Thanks!