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Saturn, Dreamcast, and GameCube Galore!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently (although I doubt anyone has actually been following this recently so I feel as though I’m apologizing to an empty room). I’ve been slowly adding some information here and there as I’ve been finding it, and I believe the Dreamcast Vs. Link section is completely up-to-date (thanks to Online Consoles). I need to find a decent way of citing to provide a little more believability to the info – I almost wish Blogger had a more Wiki based system. I’ve already somewhat replicated the Wiki look in the system pages as they are, after all.

Update: With the new site, I’ve implemented an actual Wiki for storing and organizing information regarding system linking (and more!) of consoles, as well as a more “wiki” feel to posts and the forums as well.

Laksters Multiplayer SetupAnyways, so as to provide something new, I thought I’d post a picture of my current (current as in, a month-and-a-half ago) multiplayer gaming set-up. As you could probably guess from the title of this website, my main focus, at least for now, is on the system linking capabilities of older systems, so obviously that means I need to have two of each!

For the Saturn, I’ve got two Netlink modems, and although I don’t have an analog telephone line to be able to call out and play other people, I DO have a telephone line simulator which means that the Netlink can effectively act as a System Link! Unfortunately, the only Netlink game I have two copies of is Duke Nukem 3D at the moment, but it’s still a blast to play! I also have a DirectLink (the actual System Link for the Saturn) but the only title I’ve been able to play with it so far is the Japanese version of Daytona USA. I’m definitely hoping to pick up a few more titles to try with it in the future.  Also worth noting, I managed to pick up two Japanese Saturn Modems a few months ago. For the time being though, they’re as useless as an XBAND modem…

For the Dreamcast I’ve so far only had time to play a few rounds of Quake III Arena online. I actually haven’t been able to get both online at once though because one of my two telephone line simulators keeps acting up, but hopefully someday I’ll get them both working properly… I’m also VERY excited to say that I just recently acquired an OFFICIAL Sega Dreamcast Vs. Link cable! It was rather expensive but completely worth it in my opinion, even if it can only work with five games or so. I won’t be able to try out any games with it until August, though.

And finally, the GameCube! These were my first forray into LAN/Online Play (I got the BBAs when they were still being produced) and though there’s a very limited game library for both, I still really enjoy it. I’ve been able to connect all three LAN games: 1080 Avalanche, Kirby’s Air Ride, and Mario Kart: Double Dash, at least once. And I’ve also played a few games of Phantasy Star Online (I have both the regular and Plus versions) on the SCHTHACK private servers, even connecting both Cubes at once for a sort of long-distance LAN. If you notice the Orange controller in the picture, it came bundled with a Spice Orange Japanese console which I got primarily to play the Japan-only online RPG Homeland (although since I’ve only played it briefly once, I haven’t progressed through the game enough yet to connect it to the internet). The only game I don’t have yet is Phantasy Star: Episode III, which I’ll definitely pick up sometime in the future.

The Albino Jaguar

Albino Jaguar

Notice the nice “halo” effect due to the crappy camera.

I know this doesn’t really go along with what’s supposed to be the main focus of this website, system linking, but I just got what I consider to be a cool bit of gaming history today and thought I’d show it off.  I don’t know how well known this particular urban legend is, but apparently toward the end of the life of the Jaguar, Atari sold off the molds for the outer casing of its ill-fated console to Imagin Systems Corporation to use with, you guessed it, their latest intraoral dental camera, the HotRod!  Don’t believe it?  Check out this informational PDF about the HotRod which is still hosted on Imagin’s website as of the posting of this article (Update: The PDF has since been removed so the above link now takes you to a version hosted on the SystemLinks Wiki). If only you’d paid a bit more attention when those dental assistants were jamming instruments in your mouth in the late ’90s, you may just have noticed a white Jaguar hanging on the wall.  It apparently even went so far as to use a “memory cartridge” (for storing pictures, of course) which was the same shape and size as a Jaguar cartridge – albeit in white.

HotRod IntraOral Dental Camera

The Jaguar lives on!

Unfortunately, Imagin doesn’t seem to support or sell the HotRod anymore, but all hope is not lost if you were hoping to get your hands on a white Jaguar shell.  I ordered one from this seller on eBay who seems to have been selling them for several months and seems to have many more left in stock.  When I contacted him, I was told that these were brand new cases and weren’t used in actual cameras, which makes sense since they don’t have “HotRod” printed on them anywhere.  Also, I assume because of all the extra stuff sticking out of the bottom of the HotRod camera, no “back” piece is included (only top and bottom) but the seller does include a clear power indicator and button to match the white console (as pictured).  In any case, it’s a nice bit of gaming history to have, especially if you do ever end up putting actual Jaguar “guts” into it.  After all, how many other chances will you get to have a custom console shell based on a dental camera, itself based on the original console?