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One Year Anniversary: Website Updates

It’s been over a year since I first decided to start up this little blog, so to celebrate, I’ve decided to remove all the console pages and make the site look the worst it ever has in that entire one year period! In all seriousness, you can probably tell that I have moved from Blogger to my own hosted WordPress, and I hope to soon have many more features than Blogger would have ever allowed me. The reason the pages aren’t up yet is because I’m planning on instead hosting them on a Wiki attached to the site (which will hopefully someday be better integrated into the actual blog) so that there can be easier citing and contribution from others. Obviously, I still have to work out most of the details regarding the move, but I’m really excited about the possibilities. Until that time, however, I thank you for bearing with the mess. It wasn’t the ideal situation I’d have hoped for in celebrating over 365 days being alive as a site, but it’s definitely worth it for what is to come. Thanks!

Website Updates

For the past week or two I’ve been doing my best to update the layout of the site, and now that I’ve got the biggest part finished, I’d like to highlight a few new aspects already in place and what I plan to do to finish it all up.

First of all, and most importantly, is the background image. I put the actual image together and uploaded it to the site a few months ago, but I just today got it fully working the way I’d originally intended (thanks to Cory of the ZetaBoards Resources Board). Basically, I attached an “image map” so that if you click on any sprite of a video game console, it will take you to its respective page for more information. There are still a few pages I have yet to create (see below) so those images don’t contain an actual link as of yet, but you can still hover your mouse over ALL of the video game consoles to see what they are.  I’ve test the image map in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer and so far the only problem (besides displaying wrong in IEEdit: Because IE just doesn’t seem to like to display z-indexes properly, I had to disable all of the image maps on IE.) is that, because of the way Blogger creates the page, the image map stops just short of the bottom, so there are no links about 200 pixels or so at the very bottom of the page. Hopefully I can come up with a work-around in future, but for now I’m content with it.

The second (and final) big change with the site that I’d like to briefly mention is that I’m reworking the pages. Again, I’m a little bit limited by Blogger because they only allow a total of 20 stand-alone pages, so I’ve decided to make a page for each video game manufacturer to hold all of their video game consoles, instead of having an individual page for each console itself. I know that will probably make the pages rather large, but I can still link to each individual console and I’m hoping to come up with some sort of “move to top” button to help navigating through the page. All in all I think this new page set-up with be much better than what I have had. As for the manufacturers who have only made one or two consoles, I plan on putting them all on one page (or perhaps two or three separate pages, categorized by date/”generation”). I’m still in the process of this so you may come across the occasional “dead link” for now, but I hope to get them all sorted out ASAP.


I created this site in part because I had such a hard time finding information about system links, especially for some of the older systems which only featured a handful or so of games which could make use of the feature.  Long distance, internet play is great, and I hope to expand upon the information given on this site to include some of the earlier online console networks, but when it comes down to it, nothing can really beat the feeling of playing next to your buddy in the same room.  Of course, there are many multiplayer options which don’t require multiple TVs and consoles and copies of the game, but there’s something very pleasing about gaming sans-split screen.  Gaming with others is a whole different experience, especially with monitors and cords all over the place and a hefty sum of money invested in the setup, let alone the electricity bill.  This website is dedicated to that style of play:  LAN and system links.