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  • ...mber of games that utilized the GameCube's online capabilities, only three games released ever utilized the linking capabilities of the system. === LAN capable games ===
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  • ...sole, the Dreamcast has a large cult following and a handful of unlicensed games continue to be commercially released for the system yearly. ...lly called the Vs. Link Cable, but it too featured a lackluster library of games which supported it. However, the cable required to link two Dreamcasts is
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  • ...n the US or Europe. Sega Saturns themselves are not very rare, but certain games, especially the NetLink editions, can be quite expensive and rare. ...f the writing of this article, there is no complete, 100% accurate list of games compatible with the DirectLink. The following is a compilation of these li
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  • ...and Europe, was an add-on for the Genesis which allowed special disc based games to be played. More information to come. ...the Genesis which connected via the cartridge slot. It was utilized by 32x games to increase the capabilities of the Genesis hardware.
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  • ...s, it played a major role in heralding in the age of 3D gaming with iconic games like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Unfortunately ...4's launch, but most were either cancelled or converted to GameCube or N64 games.
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  • ...g peripheral has made use of satellite streaming, the concept of streaming games can be found on other systems including the [[Sega Channel]] for the Sega G ... Game Boy''' was an official peripheral for the SNES which allowed Gameboy games to be played on a television through the SNES console. An updated version,
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  • ... Many planned accessories and peripherals were eventually scrapped like an online network device, the Voice Modem and a virtual reality helmet, the Jaguar VR ...k Interface''' allows two Jaguars to be networked together to play certain games across the two consoles. The JagLink consists of two small boxes which conn
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  • ...onsoles can be connected together using a special i.Link hub, but very few games have the ability to link more than two consoles, in which case the hub is n |+i.Link Capable Games
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  • ...ith the [[Saturn#DirectLink|DirectLink]] cable. It also featured different online networks for long-distance multiplayer for different regions in which it wa games|online play]]. It also allowed for system linking of a handful of games with the [[Dreamcast#Vs. Link cable|Vs. Link cable]].
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  • ...onthly subscription, users could download trailers, demos, and full retail games. == Exclusive games ==
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  • ...d to be used for [[online multiplayer]]. Similarly, services designed for online multiplayer can act like a system link when two or more systems are used in ! Online
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  • The '''Dreamcast Diaspora''' refers to the [[video games]] published by [[Sega]] during the [[Sixth generation]] on the [[PlayStatio ...rastic change in Sega's video game business since they had been developing games for their own hardware for twenty years.
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  • to all consoles and uses a standard ethernet cable, similar to the [[online]] capabilities of both consoles. |+Xbox System Link games
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